M8 M73 M74 motorway – Scotland

With the main objective, improve trade transactions between Glasgow and Edinburgh, the beginning of the procurement process was announced in December 2011, with the selection of competitors and the competitive dialogue. The contractor, a Scottish Roads Partnership (SICKLE), a consortium with a joint venture construction of Ferrovial Agroman and Lagan, […]

Ponte do Forth – Scotland

It is with great pride that we are part of the international consortium that is responsible for the reconstruction of the bridge over the River Forth, It is now again the largest railway bridge in vain type cantilever, beating the Quebec Bridge. It has over 2,5 km in length, and it is intended exclusively to rail traffic, for connecting the council […]

Double Via La Paz – Oruro

SH Group is proud to be present in different continents, this being our first work on the American continent more precisely in South America. This project concerns the construction of a doble via 77 kilometers, ao correspondente Section II of the Two-Way Oruro - La Paz, interfacing the settlements of Mantecani […]