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In compound change World, We must acquire new qualities, so we can meet the challenges that the market demand puts us. That is why, globalize seek partnerships to open new horizons, share knowledge, increase efficiency, innovation and profitability. Dedicated to team work, the Sosia maintains a cultural and technical exchange in the middle where acts, both in business dialogue and the respect and appreciation of the surrounding culture. It is the satisfaction of our customers that our group grows, win dignity and confidence to overcome the difficulties and challenges in the market, thus increasing the economic network partnerships.

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Porto Royal Bridges Hotel

One more work to do, by Sosia Group

Travessia N25 New Ross Bypass – Ireland

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Rande Bridge – Vigo – Continuation

Rande Bridge – Vigo – Continuation

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We work to change the activity and the life of man in society and the nature in which it is inserted, order to build a better world.
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Address: Av. Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, 699 - Alpendurada - Portugal
Phone: +351 255 630 089